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Staughton, MA  |  781-893-6800

Artisan Industries, Inc. is a well-established company located in Staughton, Massachusetts, with over 85 years of experience in the industry. As a leading manufacturer, Artisan Industries specializes in producing cutting-edge JET-VAC® Chiller Systems, offering innovative cooling solutions to a wide range of industrial applications. The company's long-standing presence and expertise have...

Artisan Industries, Inc. $$$

Malden, MA  |  800-347-8804

DCNE Malden is a leading provider of high-quality chillers and temperature control solutions for commercial and industrial applications. The company was founded in 1972 and has since been providing reliable and efficient chiller products and services to customers in the New England area.

DCNE Malden’s chiller product line includes air-cooled and water-cooled chillers from...

Distributor Corporation of New England $$$

Woburn, MA  |  781-933-4007

Roscid Technologies, located in Woburn, Massachusetts, is a reputable company with over 35 years of experience in the manufacturing and sale of high-level analyzing equipment for the gas and humidity markets. With a strong focus on precision and reliability, Roscid Technologies has become a trusted provider of innovative solutions to customers worldwide.

At Roscid Technologies, we...

Roscid Technologies $$$

Mansfield, MA  |  781-668-2300

Thermonics® Corp belongs to a temperature related company called inTEST Thermal Solutions and was founded in the 1970’s. Thermonics® specializes in the manufacturing of custom and standard gas and fluid chillers. Our chillers are ISO 9001:2015 certified, feature precise temperature stability and control, and are made for applications that require low-temperature process cooling. These...

Thermonics Chillers $$$

Bangor, ME  |  800-777-6953

Nyle Corporation, located in Brewer, Maine, is a renowned and trusted manufacturer specializing in high-quality industrial chillers for various applications. With a strong dedication to innovation and excellence, Nyle has emerged as a leading player in the cooling industry, delivering reliable and efficient solutions to businesses across diverse sectors.

At the heart of Nyle...

Nyle Corporation $$$

Erie, PA  |  814-835-6000

At Eriez, we make sure our metalworking fluid management solutions are specifically geared to the type and brand of fluid in use in your facility. With more than 100 years of engineering experience, we can design a chiller capable of recycling any water-miscible fluid to its maximum potential. Custom configurations are also available to meet your company's unique requirements.

Eriez Manufacturing Co $$$

Harrisburg, PA  |  717-232-4328

HB McClure is a leading provider of chiller products and services for commercial and industrial customers across the Mid-Atlantic region. With over 100 years of experience in the industry, HB McClure has established itself as a trusted and reliable partner for companies looking for high-quality chiller solutions.

HB McClure's chiller products are known for their exceptional quality,...

HB McClure Company $$$

Allentown, PA  |  800-458-5226

JULABO USA, Inc. is a prominent company with a long-standing history, operating out of Allentown, Pennsylvania since 1967. As a global manufacturer, JULABO has established itself as a leading provider of state-of-the-art Constant Temperature Circulators for research, scientific, and industrial applications. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and reliability has earned them a trusted...

JULABO USA, Inc. $$$

York, PA  |  800-861-1001

YORK Heating and Air Conditioning, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a highly regarded company renowned for its comprehensive heating and cooling solutions. With a rich history of excellence, YORK stands as a trusted provider of innovative chillers, catering to a diverse range of applications across various industries.

At the core of YORK Heating and Air Conditioning's offerings are...

YORK Heating and Air Conditioning $$$
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Liquid Chillers Power Pages

Air Cooled Chillers

Air Cooled Chillers

Air cooled chillers are refrigeration systems that cool fluids and work in tandem with the air handler system of a facility. Air cooled chillers are types of chillers that rely on the use of fans to reject heat outside the...



A chiller is a cooling mechanism designed to produce fluids that can lower temperatures by removing heat from the fluid. The type and use of a chiller depends on the required temperature and kind of refrigerant, which can be a liquid or a gas...

Glycol Chillers

Glycol Chillers

A glycol chiller is a chilling system that uses a percentage of glycol mixed with water to create extremely low temperatures far beyond the freezing point of water. The two types of glycol are ethylene glycol based or propylene glycol based...

Laser Coolers & Laser Cooling

Laser Coolers & Laser Cooling

Laser cooling is a multi-process that includes a number of techniques in which atomic and molecular samples are cooled down to a temperature near absolute zero. These techniques depend on...

Water Chiller

Water Chiller

A water chiller, or chilled water system, is a type of refrigeration system which uses water as a secondary refrigerant. They are used for larger, more complex, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) applications...

Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are specialized heat exchangers that remove heat from water mainly by means of latent heat loss from evaporation while coming into contact with an airstream. Aside from evaporative cooling, water is also cooled by sensible heat transfer due to the temperature difference between air and water...

Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are pieces of equipment used to transfer heat between two or more fluids. This process usually involves abundant working or utility media such as water or air that rejects or absorbs heat from a more valuable fluid such as crude oil, petrochemical feedstocks, and fluidized products...

Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate Heat Exchanger

A plate heat exchanger (PHE) is a compact type of heat exchanger that utilizes a series of thin metal plates to transfer heat from one fluid to the other. These fluids are typically at different temperatures...

Steam Boilers

Steam Boilers

A steam boiler is a steam producing heating system. It creates energy by heating water to get steam. It is a heat exchanger that makes steam for outside usage and has a combustion chamber and water container. The several varieties of steam boilers include...

Heat Transfer Equipment

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