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Liquid chillers are specialized refrigeration systems that are formulated to cool liquids including beverages, food ingredients, chemicals, oil, water, brine, and alcohol. Most liquid chillers are designed for industrial applications, when storage and cooling is a necessary part of the manufacturing process. Even though most chillers are used in similar ways, there are a variety of designs that suit different industrial needs.

There are three main types of chiller systems for liquids that industrial factories and manufacturing plants use, and each one is designed for a specific purpose. The three main categories of chillers for liquids include:

Small applications: Small units are used to cool small applications, such as individual cooling units, liquid storage containers, or small rooms inside a factory. The small systems cannot handle a large area, and are compact in size and shape to allow for as much space in the chiller as possible.

Room-based cooling systems: Room-based cooling systems are a little larger than the small application systems, and provide more cooling power. Usually, these systems contain heat exchanges and use other cooling techniques similar to an air conditioner for cooling larger areas. In some cases, chillers can lower the temperature in a room to a near-freezing point.

External cooling towers: External cooling towers are the largest form of cooling system for liquids. These towers are designed to cool an entire facility at once, and are only used in factories with huge cooling needs. One application for this large cooling system would be to keep laboratory conditions cool to prevent the spread of bacteria or to reduce the growth level of various cultures.

Your unique factory applications will determine the size of chiller that is right for your needs.

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